MSK Films

Mandava Sai Kumar is Film Director,  Actor, Producer, YouTuber,  Music Director and Film Pro and Founder of MSK Films and Times of Andhra. Stay updated officially Follow ➡️ FOLLOW

Mandava Sai Kumar 


Who is the owner and CEO of MSK films?

Mandava Sai Kumar is own film Production company founded starting in 2019 Hyderabad Jubilee hills. MSK Films Founder and CEO Mandava Sai Kumar. 

who is mandava sai kumar ? 

Mandava Sai Kumar is an Indian film Director and Actor and Producerand Producer. 

Mandava  Sai Kumar Birthplace and Date ? 

Mandava Sai Kumar Bond in Nellore Andhra Pradesh June 3rd 2001

Mandava  Sai Kumar Parents

Parents: Mandava Sambasiva Rao, Mandava Aruna